Rachael Joyce   Partner, Fiber Artist & Designer

Rachael Joyce

Partner, Fiber Artist & Designer

Rachael is a busy lady - both in life and in interests! Basically, she is passionate about all things exploring and creating. She is a wife, a mom to two wild kiddos, a marketing & management professional by education, a classically-trained chef, a sommelier, a skincare junkie, an exercise enthusiast, and the Cleveland half of Cali & Cleveland!

Her love of crochet began with a terrible attempt at a baby blanket for her first child. Needless-to-say, that monstrosity has since been hidden at the very bottom of the blanket basket!

With a little proper instruction from her soon-to-be SIL (at the time), Katie, and a LOT of practice, Rachael quickly became enamored with everything crochet. She particularly enjoys the imagination and challenge involved in the creation and development of pieces and patterns. 

Most days, you can find her (frazzled) running around after her kids, or standing at her kitchen counter wielding either a crochet hook or a chef's knife.

Favorite thing to hook: BABY BLANKIES!



Cleveland, OH